Tam Tam Batucada

We´re a Brazilian drum show. We play carnival samba from Rio de Janeiro and Bahia. Our orchestra consists of drummers and percussionists only, AND it can´t be easily misheard or overlooked.

During both Summer and Winter, we bring energy coming from sunny Brazil and also South America, Cuba and Africa. We play samba reggae, samba batucada, maracatú, timbalada, rumba, afrosamba and many more rhythms.

We´ve been surfing Czech and European drum wave since 1999 under the leadership of Miloš Vacík´s Brazilian whistle, apito. We perform at both domestic and foreign festivals, we opened Sazka Arena, the biggest stadium in the Czech, we´re cheering runners at international marathons (Prague/CZ and Dresden/DE annualy, and we were in Košice/SK this year too), you can meet us at charity projects, you saw us in live TV coverages of Czech film awards, Miss of the Czech Republic, at grand openings of many malls and TV Barrandov, we played in Egypt, Greece, Monaco and last but not least on EXPO 2010 in China. In August 2013, we performed at the opening ceremony of the UEFA SuperCup in Prague, broadcasted worldwide.

Tam Tam Orchestra

Our music is inspired by Brasil, Cuba, Africa, Latin America. We play easy melodies suitable both for listening and dancing.

The band was founded in 1999. It consists of seven musicians: bandmaster Miloš Vacík plays a special drum set, ethno percussions and sings too. Percussionist and dancer Slávek Hahn enriches the rhythms by a large amount of Afro-Brazilian and Cuban drums, guitarist and percussionist Jakub Hlobil, singer and acordeon player Kristýna Štusáková and wind instruments player Radim Knapp using trumpet, western concert flute.

In 2010 we played at World Expo in Shanghai, China. We are familiar with festivals and open-air events such as Trutnov, Colours of Ostrava, Mezi ploty, Pohoda, Creamfield, United Islands, Letovice 3+1 etc. We performed a concert serieS for Algida Stage, Global Conection, we supported Finnish band Värttinä and British Transglobal Underground.

Miloš Vacík

. Percussionist playing instruments from all over the world, graphic artist, composer, studio player. His instrument collection consists of more than 200 pieces. He specializes on instruments of Cuba, Brazil, West Africa, he studied with masters from Cuba, Brazil, Africa and USA.

Since 2008, he regularly makes study trips to Brazil. He learns rhythms and play techniques in Rio de Janeiro and goes to samba schools there. He also plays his specially configured drum kit he combines with different kinds of ethnic drums, bells, cans and percussions, accompanied by his voice. He performes profesionally since the age of 18. He is the bandmaster of both Tam Tam Orchestra and Tam Tam Batucada.

In April 2004 he founded the first samba school in Czech republic: Tam Tam Batucada Samba Praga. He published 11 CDs, he leads and plays with Sluneční orchestr („Sun Orchestra“). He is an essential member of Slet bubeníků („Gathering Of Drummers“). He founded and played in Šum svistu, played in Laura a její tygři, Pražský výběr, Kontraband, Afro-Latin Band. He is being regularly invited on tours with Druhá Tráva, Boom Band, -123minutXL. He cooperates with many personalities - Michal Pavlíček, Michael Kocáb, Jana Koubková, Jura Pavlica, Ida Kelarová, Petr Hapka, Milan Svoboda etc. He performed at festivals in many European countries – France, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, he visited Korea, Lebanon, Tunisia, China. He held a solo performance in Egypt´s Cairo in El-Harawi house (1999). 1993-2004 he was a Duncan Prague Centre professor. He organizes drum seminars.

We´ll perform at your place

TAM TAM BATUCADA is an accoustic band of percussionists and therefore doesn´t need any sound system. A Brazilian drum show is an ideal part of your event: apart from public and festival performances, disco venues and private patries, we perform at promo events, birthday parties, at ceremonial openings, Christmas parties, balls and international meetings of company representatives. We get invited to expos and conferences. We are able to easily attract people´s attention to your product. Our instruments don´t recquire any sound system, are worn on our bodies and thus we can lead a possible parade. Brazilian festival dancers can also be added.

We can play on pipes, tubes, cutlery, pots and so on. We have different types of costumes and we can adjust our appearance to your company colors and any other ideas. Our performace can be one feature event or can consist of several short entries. Our drums sound excellent with classical music, too.

TamTam Batucada and Orchestra can be joined together – after a riveting twister of brazilian energy easy bosa novas can come, ideal to relax…or latinoamerican rhythms inviting to dance.

Samba school

In 2004 Miloš Vacík founded the firts samba school in Czech republic. Samba Batucada is the music you can hear annually at the grand carnival in Rio de Janeiro played by tens of samba schools. These schools work on their rhythm, concept, moving choreography and costumes for the whole year. Each school consists of tens and hundreds of drummers. SAMBA PRAGA is the first project of this kind in the Czech Republic.

Anyone who wants to drum can join us anytime and become a part of a monumental sound of a drum orchestra. Charge your batteries with A new kind of energy and discover amazing experience. Miloš Vacík personally will teach you to play not only Brazilian but also Cuban and African rhythms played on many kinds of percussions. The teaching consists of each instrument´s techniqe as well as the harmony of individual sections and motion. And everything connected together creates a unique and unforgettable complex. Come play with us to the samba school – we will welcome you every Monday at FTVS in Prague (details daily updated on our Facebook page)


We will come to your company, school or institution with a seminar or workshop tailored exactly to your needs. There are several levels of „Welcome to the percussion world“ seminar – you will learn about history and techniques of playing world drums. Main themes are: ethnical music, music of West Africa , Brazil, Cuba, Araby – Northern Africa. Miloš Vacík gives the lectures himself, and as a part of the seminars, you can hear him play on the instruments from his vast collection. Other drummers can accompany him, of course. We will gladly adapt the seminar to your ideas.

Practical workshops include teaching of rhythms and techniques of each percussion instrument we bring. Drum as an oldest instrument on this planet accompanies humanity from the beggining, the drum and its rhythm is a universal language, undersood by everyone. The seminars are build in a way so this shared experience would teach you a better communication, listetning to yourself and respect others.

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Miloš Vacík

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